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The issues that face us today may not be the challenges of tomorrow.  Two years ago, few would have anticipated that a global pandemic would threaten our lives, our livelihoods, and indeed the very nature of our human interaction.  I am committing every ounce of my passion and all of my leadership experience in education,  government, and healthcare to solving the problems we face today,  and preparing us to meet the challenges we may face in the future.

This is precisely why we must choose leaders who are deeply rooted in our shared values and leaders who have a proven history of leading large complex organizations through change and challenges.  My leadership has been described as steady yet agile;  laser-focused yet collaborative and transparent;  passionate and uplifting.  My teams have utilized  ‘best practices’  where they exist and created our own ‘best practices’ where they did not already exist.

Addressing racial justice and equity is integrated into each policy discussed.  Racial justice, diversity,  and inclusion have to be intertwined with all policies because collaborative execution will play a critical role in our next chapter.  The goal is to reduce the silos of government and advance an integrative and systemic approach.  This is a summary of my positions on important issues; we will be issuing more details during the course of the campaign.

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